I am

Maria Locatell

My Mom told me that my unwholesome habits would one day catch up with me and sure enough, when I became an adult with more responsibilities and less free time they did.  Sugar addiction, cancer, low self-esteem, being overweight, out of shape and sleep issues ensued. Until I created systems that helped me improve my health…

I help you forget about going back to an unhealthful, stressful way of life and thrive with more energy and vitality than you can imagine. Or can you? My gift is hearing and then assisting clients to identify where their health is and then use a new trajectory to obtain your optimal health. You may already have some really great systems. Kudo’s to you! In fact you are probably very intelligent; you may just need some tweaking here or there to catapult you to your next level of greatness.


-Pam Grout

I used to be fat, depressed and desperate.

In 2003, I went through a cancer journey and just 3 months earlier experienced a serious recuperation time with my sweetheart as a result of an accident he was in. Those two events combined triggered a series of health problems…

  • My body ballooned to 170 pounds
  • Every day I was exhausted
  • I couldn’t seem to get out of bed but…
  • I couldn’t sleep either
  • We were heart sick
  • We felt hopeless physically, mentally, spiritually, financially

The medical profession was not able to assist. Their answer was to prescribe pills, utilize willpower, or use an outdated nutritional program. Out of this dark pit of sadness came hope in the form of better eating and lifestyle choices.

I grew up on a small farm and thought that if we ate well, we would receive all the nourishment we needed. Now I believe we are not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals our bodies require because our food is over-processed and our soil is depleted of nutrients.

The more I learned about and practiced healthier habits things improved in all aspects of my life. I released 32 lbs and my husband at released at least 150lbs and we have maintained that loss for over 9 years now! My husband lowered his diabetes and blood pressure medications and dropped other prescriptions. I am off all medications and herbal supplements including thyroid medicine which I had taken for over 30 years. I no longer give myself a Vitamin B shot every 5 days for energy. Hot flashes although they still exist, now, don’t even bother me!

I love working with people to create optimal health. Being an entrepreneur most of my life led me to health coaching, assisting hundreds of people looking for answers on how to improve their lives.

I have received training by The Health Institute, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Robert Fritz and more. I have accreditations in project management and six sigma and give back by volunteering and working with charitable foundations. I love travel and adventure especially if it includes sport motorcycle riding, hot air ballooning or scuba diving.

My aim is to live up to the legacy my Mother left of always finding the positive in people and situations and loving greatly. Namaste’.