Who do you want to be?

029What gift would you give to yourself to become that person you want to be?

My niece posted on social media a picture of her Grandmother (my Mother) and wrote how she aspires to be kind, compassionate and loving like she was. My niece is all of those things and so much more. Actually I admire and am inspired by all of my family who takes after my Mom in so many beautiful ways. She was a perfect example of love. Not that she was always perfect, but I sure don’t remember anything that wasn’t. I guess when so much good shines through, one gets dulled to see anything else.

I choose to connect with family and friends and spend time together. I choose to look at life through a child’s eye. I choose to see beauty and wonder in even the simplest of things. I choose to find good and be happy in all circumstances. I choose to go for it and not hold back (whether that is a poem, an adventure or holding someone’s hand). I choose to feel blessed beyond measure and I am inspired by and to be love.