Physical Space

Create an atmosphere that nurtures your well-being. Our brains love working around beauty and order. Peace and serenity allows our minds to regenerate and be more creative.
If you have created a physical space that feeds you emotionally and physically, good for you! You are on a healthy path! If not, what would you change if you could and is there one thing you could do today to make your environment be more in tune with where you truly want to be?
Start with de-cluttering. Ask yourself if your things give you experiences and make you happy, or do they bringing hassle, debt, stress and depression? Tackle this one step or one area at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. You may want to have a friend help you. It is always more fun together, plus they will have an objective eye. It might be beneficial to post one item a week for sale online, and then put the funds towards your retirement account.
Organizing creates peace and serenity by helping you have a sense of order. When you keep up with it daily you will have a sense of control and empowerment. Take out everything in a certain area, clean thoroughly, then replace all the items you use or love and categorize everything else into sell, give away, keep elsewhere, throw away, shred, long term storage, projects and important – which are the things you need to take care of right away.
We know music can sooth our soul and touch us emotionally. Even if music is only playing in the background, it has a way of transforming our lives. Choose music that enhances your life and well-being that you love listening to.
Set the environment around you with nature energy by placing objects like rocks, fountains and plants. Opening the windows lets the fresh air in which aids digestion, improves blood pressure, and strengthens immune system which can give you more energy and make you happier!
Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that can be very useful to assist you in harmonizing your environment by working with intention and energy fields. You can end up feeling calmer, more at peace, productive and happy.
The important thing is to have good energy as you live and work. Creating a space that works for you is paramount to living well.8806121f-c773-4798-8938-0539d31298a9