Cancer prevention

I am a breast cancer survivor.
I didn’t admit that for a long time. In the beginning, there was not enough time to deal with the diagnosis, it took everything I had just push through the treatment process. just pushing through the treatment process after my diagnosis. Maybe I was just in denial. Because the cancer in my body was caught early from a mammogram, I believe I discounted it as being just a little cancer. The bottom line is, cancer sucks! Cancer has taken loved ones from me and continues to cause untold measure of trials for others. I believe when it is our time to leave this earth, it is time to leave. But, there are also simple ways to live healthier to mitigate the risks of prematurely creating diseases of any kind in our bodies.
These are a few of my recommendations that may help one to prevent cancer as well as other disease.
1) Eat raw, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid processed foods to give your body the best possible nutrients.
2) Hydrate with the purest water you can find to flush out toxins. A natural spring is best.
3) Incorporate movement like walking or standing while you work to keep your energy flowing.
4) Frequently remove poisons from your body to reset your kidney and liver function. A detoxing cleanse can be a great start. Be sure to eat plenty of fiber, take vitamin C, drink lots of water, breathe deep, sweat in the sauna, dry brush your skin.
5) Have regular dental checkups to look for any possible infection under a tooth or gums.
6) Improve thyroid function with tropical oils both ingested and used topically. Vitamin D helps to regulate hormones and energy.
7) Avoid using plastic with food preparation and storage to limit synthetic estrogen that can lead to cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
8) Use chemical free cleansing products in your home on fabrics and surfaces.
9) Look for moisturizers and makeup that are chemical free to nurture your skin which is the biggest organ of our bodies.
Stay conscientious of your options and choices to live your most vibrant cancer free, healthy life!