Healthy Directions

How do I determine what is healthy for me? There seem to be so many directions to go!

I am about keeping it simple. When trying to figure out what I want, I am pretty clear what I don’t want. Super! That is the best clue to turn that thought into what I want to create. Then the creative process can kick in and viola’!

Well, maybe not quite that simple. For example, I don’t want to be dragging through the day. What I do want is to be my energetic vibrant self. Sleeping better is a must! As I am getting a handle on this whole personal climate (menopause) time of my life, sleep has been trying to elude me. Here are my tips that seem to be working well.

1) Have a wind-down bedtime schedule as much as possible. Turning off electronics, sipping relaxing tea and soft lighting

2) Include a great nutritional balance of proteins and carbs with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

3) Hydrating with at least 100 oz of water if not more with most before 4 pm in possible.

4) Meditate daily to stay centered and minimize stress.

5) Exercise by doing fun activities like riding my motorcycle and gardening.

6) Surround myself with positive people who inspire and encourage me.

7) Schedule relaxation time. Here is a pic of me in my happy place at the Oregon Coast.

Maria Lounge chair
And the interesting thing is that I am more rested I am, the more productive I am, and probably more fun to be around too!

My remedy is to keep it basic and it seems to be working!